Hublot Big Bang Watches: Reviews on Big Bang 41.PX.7918.PR.1979

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swiss replica hublot

God is like an artist, ingeniously scattered various elements in every corner of the nature, and those talented designers have to draw inspiration from them and constantly apply the natural elements in their works. Now a lot of wrist watch brands apply to animal elements in its works, but only the Hublot successfully applies the animal stripes from the dial to the strap, among which the Big Bang rose gold embroidery lines wrist watch is undoubtedly the best representative. Here we will take you to appreciate one of them – official model: 341 PX. 341. PR., 1979.

Hublot watch since its birth in 1980, never ceased to chase after the pace of innovation and leading the fashion, and with its new elements to attract the public eyes, this Big Bang series python lines wrist watch reflects unique temperament and the mysterious jungle deep feeling arises spontaneously to let a person more long for. Big Bang series cleverly makes the python lines be coated the wrist watch, this kind of Mystery feeling coming from the jungle is the most stylish elegance. Dark brown dial is matched with 18 k rose gold inlaid stone, engraved with 48 square andalusites, smoky quartz and transparent smoky quartz, with gilded pointer light shine. This Big Bang 341 PX. 341. PR., 1979 watch dial is to let a person shine at the moment, the 8 gleaming diamond are set as time scale, with a small second hand at 3 o ‘clock direction, 12 hours and 30 minutes timing respectively at 6 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock direction.

In addition, there is a Irregular quadrilateral calendar display window at the 4:30 position. The crown is made of 18 k rose gold, black natural rubber insert, which is carved with Hublot watch’s classic LOGO, and its outer ring appears gear shape. Also check rolex watches replica for more choices.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 Watch

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tag heuer replica watches

Every time we talk about a watch, we will also involve its history and culture, after all they are created under certain circumstance, and every of them is branded with the stamp of that time, which is all its charm about. Heuer was set up in 1860 by Edward Heuer in Swiss. Back then, the industries were preposterous and Heuer started its way under such a background. In the early 20th, watch industry were challenged by the needs for precision and so the chronograph symbolized the highly-precise watch. Time moved to 1960th when the fourth generation of TAG Heuer set up a subsidiary company in the United States.

Heuer designs its new products under the idea of speed, passion and charm, so it pays more attention to the appearance and hoped to shares the designs with every users.

The Heuer’s tradition of making watch was challenges to the tradition, so it always breaks its own record in terms of functionality and precision and brings the watch performance to a new height. CAR2140.FC8145 was made of a 30-minutes dial, a 12-hours dial and central big second. You can start it by pushing the buttons at both sides.

When speaking of movement, Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 uses the influential CAL 11 movement. What features this movement is the blue column wheel, top balance spring and spring and Heuer-made automatic rotor. The application of column wheel make chronometer becomes more smooth and can return to zero immediately.

Anyway, TAG Heuer has been here for over half century and a lot of chronographs were launched during this period of time. Due to its outstanding performance, Heuer become the official chronograph for F1 event. At the meantime, Heuer is the first one that invented an automatic mini-rotor.

CAR2140.FC8145 is a perfect combination of Heuer’s unique techniques in making case, excellent performance and frontier style. It offers the best precision and stable performance while at the same time, representing Heuer’s achievements and techniques are all this is about.

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