Breitling Watches: Transocean AB141112 G799/154A Review

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swiss replica watches

As precision timing wrist watch expert, Breitling plays an important role in the history of the development of timing, and it is a leader in the field of timing wrist watch. In 1915, Breitling successfully invented the world’s first independent timing button. In order to pay tribute to the great invention of the manufacture of watches in a milestone in the history, the Breitling sets limit to issue 1915 pieces of new Transocean series wrist watch. Here we are to appreciate a Breitling 1915 timing chronograph, official models: AB141112 G799/154A.

The wrist watch is carrying with Breitling homemade double guide pillar round new movement, which is equipped with transparent sapphire case bottom and the watch dial which has the vintage temperament. The prestigious independent timing button at two o ‘clock position at the Stainless steel watch case let a person shine at the moment, and the timing button seems to be much slimmer and longer after being redesigned, with timing function itself is also a more perfect fusion.

This Breitling Wrist watch case is made  with stainless steel and it is 43 mm in diameter, 14.60 mm in thick and the internal part is carrying the manual mechanical movement which can provide 70 – hour power. On the slivery white watch dial it is applying the grand three pointes to display time, and it has the retiming function. And the watch is equipped with the chain strap and clasp which is made of stainless steel material, and it has the function of waterproof depth of 100 meters. Small stainless steel crown profile is decorated with grooved lines, which is easy to grasp the set-up time, and the watch crown is decorated with Breitling logo letter “B”. Above the crown is a long time button, which can control timing function of wrist watch. Wrist watch strap is the stainless steel chain strap, and after polishing, you will feel it comfortable when wearing on your wrist. Wrist watch matches folding clasp. And the case has been polishing burnish, which is smooth and full of rich metallic luster.

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Panerai Watches: Panerai Luminor PAM571 Review

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panerai replica swiss

For the Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Diving Watch PAM571, it applies the titanium grinding watch case whose watch diameter is 47 mm, as the Titanium material is light, and the strong structure is enough to withstand high pressure, external stress and corrosive materials. This wrist watch design has reached the standard of professional diving watches: screw-plug bottom cover and Panerai watch crown bridge can ensure that the depth of waterproof is up to 300 meters, and the unidirectional rotating bezel can help the wearer calculate the diving time.

Black dial is equipped with large luminous Arabic numerals time scale, and there is a small dial at 9 o ‘clock position and a date window at 3 o ‘clock position, the hour hands with part of hollow-out design is also to apply the special luminous material on the second floor to ensure it still can read time for the wearers even at a dark water environment. The Sapphire Crystal Formed by diamond features the thickness of 4 mm and it is covered with the Anti-reflective coating. On the bottom of the watch case there is engraved with “10 year of Passion” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Panerai classical sailing marking challenge.

Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Diving Watch PAM571 is carrying the homemade P.9000 automatic chain movement with 28 jewels and it is equipped with the Beryllium copper nickel alloy torsion pendulum, whose Shock Protection System has Power reserve of three days. The PAM571 also sets the hour just switch device, which can adjust the time with the extent of one hour per day under the condition of does not interfere with the minute hand and wrist operation. Besides, the PAM 571 is also equipped with rubber strap and large trapezoid grinding titanium metal clasp which will be suitable to wear for any occasions.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IWC Tribeca Film Festival Edition Watches

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replica watches quality

The IWC has always been a enthusiastic supporter of the movie business. And the IWC Brand announced to be a cooperative partner of the New York Tribeca Film Festival in January 2013. To celebrate this grand thing, the IWC specially made the Portuguese tribeca film festival 2013 edition watch for the Tribeca Film Festival. This special Tribeca Film Festival wrist watch adopt unique wine-red watch small dials to remind people of the glamour of Hollywood and its iconic red carpet, and the slate-color dial was inspired by the Tribeca area of lower Manhattan.

In 2014, IWC officially achieved the official partner relationship with the New York tribeca film festival. For this time, IWC made special tribeca film festival edition wrist watch again for it – the Pilot’s Watch Spitfire Chronograph Edition “Tribeca Film Festival 2014”. This watch was held auction in Andy antiquorum auction house on 9th April 2014, and the earnings of this auction was totally dominated to the Tribeca Film Institute.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Spitfire Chronograph Edition “Tribeca Film Festival 2014” Ref. IW387811 is carrying with the 89365 calibre automatic winding movement featuring the waterproof of 60 meters and power reserve of 68 hours. The 18K rose gold watch case after being polished and wiredrawn is sparkling, just as the flash bulb flashing on the Film festival red carpet. Like the limited edition of the last year, the small dials of the Ref. IW387811 watch at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock also adopted the win-red color design. This watch is matching the 18k rose gold pointers and time scales and the slate-color dial, and there engraved the words of “Tribeca Film Festival 2014” and “Unique Piece”on the 18k watch bottom.

NEW YORK Tribeca Film Festival was founded by the American film producer Jane Rosenthal and the famous actor Rowind uprt De Niro.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Breitling Aerospace Evo Watches

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replica swiss watches

Breitling has launched the branded new Aerospace Evo watch, and wore new armour for this electronic multi-function wrist watch with the more resolute and steadfast and more moving design style and technical characteristic as usual to be ready to fight the sky.

Brelting Aerospace multi-function wrist watch was born in the year of 1985, which was the star watch of the Breitling Professional series. This watch has extremely simple, practical control system with clear presentation, and you can control all the flight and practical functions only by rotating, pressing and pulling the watch crown. It is carrying the SuperQuartz™ movement that has passed through the COSC identification, whose precision is more than ten times of those standard quartz movement. Excepting those practical functions such as Timer function which is as precise as 1/100 second, countdown timer function, second time zone display, alarm clock ring, making sound for minutes time service and calendar display, the Breitling Aerospace Watch is also equipped with the high-performance backlit display system compatible with night vision goggles to provide the clear and readable time display for the pilots.

Now, on the basis of the special performance of the Brelting Aerospace multi-function wrist watch, Breitling created the Aerospace Evo multi-function evolution timing wrist watch with the new appearance design. The watch size which is a little larger than before, the engraved number time scales, the branded new rotating watch bezel that has decorated with the bezel indicator, and the deducing pointers and bevel edge table mirror, all of these show its unique personality. The watch case of the Aerospace Evo is applying the satin brushed processing titanium which is a kind of material popular in the aviation field, featuring light and solid to show its professional level. And there engraved with the Metric and imperial units conversion scale at the bottom of the watch case to follow its principle of practical feature.

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Swiss Watches: Reviewing Back the Panerai “Nautical Entrepreneurs Night” Held in 2014

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best replica panerai watches

On October 26, 2014 in Shenzhen, China, the Italian Advanced watch making brand Panerai which has a deep historical origin held a special dinner in Shenzhen Donghai Langting hotel when it came at a time when the eighth China cup yachting race event, and people who presented the dinner including the Panerai brand VIP, the elites in the fields of navigation, as well as the important cooperation media friends; nearly a hundred of friends got together there to spend a wonderful “nautical entrepreneurs night” with Panerai.

The EILEAN sailing boat made in 1936, is one of the most beautiful sailing boats designed by the Scotland’s shipbuilding wizards William Fife III. This sailing boat was damaged seriously afterwards because of an accident, and Panerai purchased and repaired it again to make it renew sending its light, and this sailing boat had participated a lot of important events on behalf of the Panerai brand, so the exhibition hall specially engraved the EILEAN mark this time.

Dinner was held in 24th floor hall of the Langting hotel, and the site layout was full of many precious pictures of Eilean and Panerai classical sailing boats challenging competition. On the scene it lively showed the Panerai professional sailing watch (PAM00245) and many special edition professional diving watches and timing watches, including the Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days ChronoFlyback Titanio PAM00526 with unique sailing competition countdown function, to let guests fully experience the brand unique charm of perfectly combining the Italian design and Swiss watchmaker craft.

Panerai PAM00245professional sailing boat watch has been certified by Swiss government observatory (C.O.S.C.). Panerai marine chronometer is installed in a solid teak box (width and length of 195 mm *170 mm), and outside the box there was velvet stainless steel handle with polishing edge, which was very easy to handle. The chain of it still retained traditional spirit, which is dealt with key manual winding.

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Hublot Big Bang Watches: Reviews on Big Bang 41.PX.7918.PR.1979

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swiss replica hublot

God is like an artist, ingeniously scattered various elements in every corner of the nature, and those talented designers have to draw inspiration from them and constantly apply the natural elements in their works. Now a lot of wrist watch brands apply to animal elements in its works, but only the Hublot successfully applies the animal stripes from the dial to the strap, among which the Big Bang rose gold embroidery lines wrist watch is undoubtedly the best representative. Here we will take you to appreciate one of them – official model: 341 PX. 341. PR., 1979.

Hublot watch since its birth in 1980, never ceased to chase after the pace of innovation and leading the fashion, and with its new elements to attract the public eyes, this Big Bang series python lines wrist watch reflects unique temperament and the mysterious jungle deep feeling arises spontaneously to let a person more long for. Big Bang series cleverly makes the python lines be coated the wrist watch, this kind of Mystery feeling coming from the jungle is the most stylish elegance. Dark brown dial is matched with 18 k rose gold inlaid stone, engraved with 48 square andalusites, smoky quartz and transparent smoky quartz, with gilded pointer light shine. This Big Bang 341 PX. 341. PR., 1979 watch dial is to let a person shine at the moment, the 8 gleaming diamond are set as time scale, with a small second hand at 3 o ‘clock direction, 12 hours and 30 minutes timing respectively at 6 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock direction.

In addition, there is a Irregular quadrilateral calendar display window at the 4:30 position. The crown is made of 18 k rose gold, black natural rubber insert, which is carved with Hublot watch’s classic LOGO, and its outer ring appears gear shape. Also check rolex watches replica for more choices.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 Watch

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tag heuer replica watches

Every time we talk about a watch, we will also involve its history and culture, after all they are created under certain circumstance, and every of them is branded with the stamp of that time, which is all its charm about. Heuer was set up in 1860 by Edward Heuer in Swiss. Back then, the industries were preposterous and Heuer started its way under such a background. In the early 20th, watch industry were challenged by the needs for precision and so the chronograph symbolized the highly-precise watch. Time moved to 1960th when the fourth generation of TAG Heuer set up a subsidiary company in the United States.

Heuer designs its new products under the idea of speed, passion and charm, so it pays more attention to the appearance and hoped to shares the designs with every users.

The Heuer’s tradition of making watch was challenges to the tradition, so it always breaks its own record in terms of functionality and precision and brings the watch performance to a new height. CAR2140.FC8145 was made of a 30-minutes dial, a 12-hours dial and central big second. You can start it by pushing the buttons at both sides.

When speaking of movement, Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 uses the influential CAL 11 movement. What features this movement is the blue column wheel, top balance spring and spring and Heuer-made automatic rotor. The application of column wheel make chronometer becomes more smooth and can return to zero immediately.

Anyway, TAG Heuer has been here for over half century and a lot of chronographs were launched during this period of time. Due to its outstanding performance, Heuer become the official chronograph for F1 event. At the meantime, Heuer is the first one that invented an automatic mini-rotor.

CAR2140.FC8145 is a perfect combination of Heuer’s unique techniques in making case, excellent performance and frontier style. It offers the best precision and stable performance while at the same time, representing Heuer’s achievements and techniques are all this is about.

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Swiss Watches for Men: Rolex Watches Buying Suggestions

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replica rolex submariner watches

When it comes to the Rolex replica watches buying, some consumers will have no idea which one to buy. Here are some top suggestions for you for reference.

Rolex Datejust series 116263-63203 yellow mechanical man’s watch
The golden and silvery watch case of the Rolex Datejust series 116263-63203 yellow mechanical man watch shows its noble quality. Dark grey dial suits the red second hand, which looks harmonious and elegant, Small convex lens date display window function attracts people’s attention. Golden triangle lines resistant outer ring tightly connects the 904 l stainless steel and 18ct combined gold watchband.

Rolex Explorer series 16570-78790 black mechanical man’s watch

The Rolex 16570-78790 mechanical man watch’s oyster watchcase is characterized by unique personality, which is not easy to wear and tear of the surface of the sapphire crystal glass, with locked refined watch crown, red second hand, cobra clockwise no matter from the design idea and technique, is the eternal immortal great masterpiece.

ROLEX-DEEPSEA 116660-98210 black mechanical man watch

The Arch blue crystal glass mirror with the thickness of 5mm dealt with high purity aluminum oxide can withstand the 3 metric tons pressure at the depth of 3900 meter in the water. The Domineering watch dial design uses the high performance light material to make the zero mark of the outer ring and the pointer sending out the intoxicating blue light.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN black mechanical man watch

Super luminescent display also is one of the features of this Rolex replica watch, and the 40 mm dial of moderate size is suitable for all kinds of wrist to wear, regardless of formal dressing or leisure dressing, all can be matched. The Submariner 116610LN is applying the Rolex 3135 movement, whose durability and accuracy cannot be compared by other watches, and the 3135 watch movement is Rolex’s very classic movement whose value degree is higher.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Cheapest Rolex Watches

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fake rolex submariner

Rolex is one of many brands that watch fans really want. Since the establishment of Rolex, it has been nearly one hundred years of history. The founder of Mr. Hans Vilsdorf’s early heart is “accurate” and “durable”, around these two seemingly simple goals, Rolex became the first watch brand that has gained Observatory certification. Rolex is currently the brand that has the largest number of certification, and later invented waterproof and dustproof performance of the “Oyster” structure.

Of course, for many people, Rolex Submariner is not cheap. The domestic price is about sixty thousand or seventy thousand, for many people, this is the sky-high price. So in the end, does Rolex have relatively cheaper watches? It actually does have, but it is not very cheap, the domestic price is about thirty thousand or forty thousand. Today we are going to talk about some watches, these watches are almost the cheapest Rolex.

The cheapest Rolex: Rolex oyster perpetual series 177200

Lady watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, 31 mm in diameter, 100 meters waterproof, the reference price is 39900 yuan.

The cheapest Rolex: Rolex Explorer series 114270-78690 Watch

Men watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, Benz needle, 36 mm in diameter, 100 meters waterproof, the reference price is 42300 yuan.

The cheapest Rolex: Rolex Oyster Perpetual 176200

Lady watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, 26 mm in diameter, 100 meters waterproof, the reference price is 39100 yuan.

The cheapest Rolex: Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000

Men watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, 36 mm in diameter, 100 meters waterproof, the reference price is 42500 yuan.

The cheapest Rolex: Rolex lady DATEJUST 178240-72160

Lady watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, 31 mm in diameter, 100 meters waterproof, the reference price is 46600 yuan.

General comments: Most of cheaper Rolex watches are lady watches, and almost are stainless steel.And almost have no other functions besides indicating minutes and second hand, but basically are mechanical movement, and now you can also consider the rolex presidential day date replica for cheaper Rolex watches buying.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex’s Most Famous Watch Submariner

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fake rolex submariner

Rolex’s Submariner may be the world’s most famous watch, some people say that if it comes to the “diving watch” and did not mention the Submariner, the dialogue is not complete.

This watch is designed for divers initially ,and it can be waterproof to 330 meters underwater, and it can also prevent all kinds of bullets.In 1950s,when it was born,it was worth 150 U.S.dollars.But today,one Submariner is worth 8500 U.S.dollars.Submariner 5513 is the only one watches movements of rolex watches replica whose production had never been interrupted.And after so many years,the design of this watch’s appearance had almost no change, because it is classic enough.

Submariner’s evolution is also due to four of the 007 films.In the first 007 “Goldfinger”, James Bond in a nightclub lit a cigarette, and then looked at the submariner’s time, this time is very important, because he had planted the bomb in this underground heroin base.In the four films, Submariner are in addition to the Bond James outside of the quasi “male two”.2011 Christie auctioned Submariner in New York, which only appeared in 007 , and ultimately to deal with $198000 .

How is this watch born? In 1953, French diver Cousteau Jacques wrote a book called The Silent World , which recorded his long years of exploration of the underwater world.Then this book was made into an Oscar winning film. From then on, there was a wave of people who love to dive.Rolex responded quickly, and immediately launched the Submariner watch.

Like 007 such Hollywood blockbusters, many advertisers have flocked to, hope their own brands appears in the movie with the hero even just 2 seconds.Brands such as Submariner, which can appear in four movies in a row, have long been easily captured by thousands of ordinary fans, including Hollywood celebrities.

In addition to having good function, this watch is popular due to its “all-match”.”You can wear a suit and Submariner, and you can wear shorts and wear it. I like it because it can match all of my clothes,” Maroon5 lead singer Adam commented.